Skin Peel Treatments Give Your Skin A Fresh Start

The Skin and Laser Clinic Sydney offers a number of high performance, targeted skin peels designed to treat an array of common skin concerns.

Your skin is a living organ made up of millions of cells. Every day thousands of cells die, fall off and are replaced by new cells from below. As we age, this process becomes more haphazard and your skin is less able to shed abnormal pigmentation or sun damaged cells. Such skin looks dull, lifeless and uneven.

The function of skin peeling is to create an even, controlled shedding of several layers of damaged cells. This process exposes the younger, fresher skin beneath and reveals a more even colour and a smoother texture. Our range of medical strength light peels is designed to achieve freshening of the complexion, to restore lustre, reduce pigmentation and freckling and to improve acne blemishes and blackheads. These peels contain different combinations and strengths of active ingredients such as AHA’s and BHA’s.

Medical strength light peels can be tailored both to suit individual skin types and problems and to accommodate the number of days you can allocate for recovery. Since some skin problems are deeper than others, more than one peel may be needed to achieve the desired result.

Best results are achieved by conditioning your skin for at least 2 weeks prior to your peel, using the prescribed homecare products. Since everyone’s skin is different, each person’s treatment programme must be tailored to his or her individual needs. A consultation at the skin and laser clinic Sydney will determine the best treatment solution for you based on your individual situation.

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To Peel or Not to Peel?

A Chemical Acid Peel has the reputation as being one of the safest procedures available for skin rejuvenation. The best candidates for a treatment are men and women who are physically healthy, psychologically stable, and realistic in their expectations. Most are 18 or older, but if discolorations and acne scars are a problem, you may decide to have this procedure at a younger age.

Most patients experience a response to a chemical face peel within one to two treatments. However, follow-up treatments may be necessary to achieve optimal results.

However, medical treatment is not an exact science and the degree of the improvement is variable. Occasionally there is not improvement and another form of treatment may be required. Long-term complications resulting from Chemical Peels are rare. Infections due to bacterial contamination may occur if post-peel instructions are not followed closely. There can be mild pigmentation problems that may occur and can usually be corrected using bleaching systems.

Types of Chemical Peels We Offer:

AHA lactic 30% & 50%

Lactic Acid peels are excellent for resurfacing the skin, increasing skin’s moisture levels and for fine lines, hyperpigmentation and uneven texture. Lactic Acid is more hydrating than Glycolic and works as effectively to firm and smooth the skin’s surface, reducing the visible signs of ageing.

BHA Salycilic 20%

Oily skin types tend to have large pores, and often have trouble controlling grease and shine. Salicylic Acid is one of the only ingredients which can actually penetrate deep into pores to clean away sebum. This treatment contains 20% Salicylic Acid, which will refine the skin by exfoliating away surface debris, as well as improving the look of pores and treating acne-prone skin.

Age Peel

Superficial Renewing Peel. An effective acid combination to stimulate skin cell activation producing more collagen. Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced leaving the skin smooth and renewed

White Peel

Superficial Brightening Peel. The most effective way to achieve a brighter and even skin tone, free of dark spots and hyper pigmentation, is to eliminate skin cells rich in melanin and prevent the darkening of the new skin cells.
White Peel has been especially designed to target the skin’s pigment cells to gentle and effectively reduce the appearance of unwanted discolouration

Skin Peel treats skin conditions such as Acne, Blemishes & Blackheads

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