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Scars are areas of fibrous tissue (fibrosis) that replace normal skin after injury. A scar results from the biological process of wound repair in the skin and other tissues of the body.

Thus, scarring is a natural part of the healing process.

Traumatic Scarring

A trauma can cause permanent damage to skin tissue. As the body works to repair the damage, a protein fiber called collagen forms new skin to close up this injury. If there is too much collagen in the repaired area, a raised scar can form.

Depressed Scarring

This kind of scar is known as keloid or hypertrophic scarring. If there is less tissue after healing than before, scar tissue can look sunken or holey. This kind of scar is known as depressed or atrophic scarring.

Treatments For Scars

Medical Skin NeedlingChemical Peels | Medical Microdermabrasion

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