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As our bodies age, so too does our skin. Skin ageing is the result of internal and external forces. Intrinsic or internal ageing is the rate of ageing that occurs with the passage of time, and is responsible for only a small proportion of the visible signs of ageing.

External factors such as unprotected sun exposure, air pollution and toxins such as cigarette smoke are responsible for accelerated extrinsic ageing, which can contribute to over 80% of the body’s external ageing process, the visible signs of ageing.

Visual representation of skin changes over a lifetime. Collagen and elastin form the structure of the dermis making it tight and plump.

Treatments For Face Wrinkles, young skin vs older skin

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The loss of collagen is the main contributor to skin ageing, wrinkles, scarring and uneven skin tone and texture. The skin is given nutritional support, plumping, elasticity and moisture from collagen, resulting in firmness and suppleness.

Collagen breakdown can generally be attributed to ultraviolet radiation from the sun, dietary toxins, and unhealthy habits such as smoking and consuming alcohol. Treatment stimulates collagen production and supports cell reproduction.

Recommended Treatments For Face Wrinkles, Deep Wrinkles, Chronic Aged Skins

IPL Skin Rejuvenation | Dermapen Skin Needling | Skin Tightening

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