Pigmentation removal

Pigmentation Removal Treatment For Uneven Skin Tone, Sun Damage & Freckles

Pigmentation affects virtually everyone at some point in our lives, some more so than others. This is mainly thanks to our harsh Australian climate and lifestyle. Pigmentation removal treatment can effectively remove excessive freckling, uneven skin tones, hyperpigmentation, and sun damaged skin.

There are around five different types or causes of pigmentation. In order to effectively remove the appearance of blotchy, uneven pigmentation the trigger or cause¸must be identified and eliminated before treating the concern.

For example, during pregnancy most females experience Melasma; hormonal pigmentation, otherwise known as the pregnancy mask. This type of pigmentation will often naturally disappear post pregnancy and once no longer lactating, but trying to treat this condition whilst the hormonal stimulant is still present is pointless.

So, the steps to success are; identify then remove the pigment trigger, religiously wear a broad spectrum SPF 30+, avoid excessive, unprotected sun exposure, topical home care application of high performance skincare products are vital, plus regular clinic treatments (often determined by $$) the cheaper options are Medical strength Microdermabrasion treatments, skin treatments and chemical peels, but best results are seen with medical grade IPL technologies.

IPL Can Effectively Treat Pigmentation, Hyperpigmentation, Sun Damage & Freckles

IPL Treatment has some amazing results. The cheaper options are Medical strength Microdermabrasion treatments and chemical peels. The best pigmentation treatments vary from one individual to the next.

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IPL Pigmentation treatment

Whether born with them or acquired over the course of a lifetime, virtually everyone has one or more sun spots, freckles or skin discoloration they’d love to get rid of! A doctor’s letter confirming that no skin cancers are present is usually required before commencing your treatment cycle and a series of 4 – 6 treatments spaced 4 week apart are required for optimal results. Treatments areas such as backs of hands, forearms, colletage and face will respond well.

IPL Pigmentation

How IPL Works

The colour present in the pigmented lesion, acts as a magnet and draws the light heat and energy to the area which will then either crust (this is not a scab, just a little dry feeling do not pick it off as the skin is still healing underneath this generally lasts from 5- 10 days.) or the pigment shatters and is reabsorbed back into the bloodstream. Crusting is generally more apparent in the first session as there is more pigment, as the treatments progress less pigment is visible so the energy penetrated tends to fade the remaining pigment gradually. To achieve optimum results a home care regimen is imperative as is total UV avoidance.

Additional treatments such as microdermabrasion and/or chemical peels may also be required in order to obtain desired results.

A consultation at the skin and laser clinic Sydney will determine the best treatment solution for you based on your individual situation.

Which Is The Best Pigmentation Removal Treatment?

In terms of the best solution or treatment for pigmentation; so many variables impact on the answer to this question such as;

  • Skin tone and colour
  • Medications and medical conditions
  • Age
  • General health
  • Diet

Also, the level of commitment that you are prepared to dedicate to achieving your skin goals.
Alternative Pigmentation Treatment Methods are – Microdermabrasion treatment | IPL skin treatments

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