What Causes Broken Capillaries & Unsightly Veins?

When the capillary wall shrinks and expands too fast, this causes the muscle to tear. Blood then seeps out resulting in broken capillaries.
Also known as blood vessels or red veins, the most common places broken capillaries are found include the cheeks and nose.

normal capillaries

Dry, sensitive and dehydrated skin types are most affected as they often have thin skin that provides less defense.

Hot conditions, wind, sunburn and moving from one extreme temperature to another can all cause broken capillaries.

It is in avoiding all of the above that broken capillaries can be avoided.

Estimates indicate that unsightly veins are a common problem for more than 60% of the adult population!

The Skin and Laser Clinic Sydney offers safe treatments which will reduce abnormal vascular activity such as red flushing, veins and broken capillaries and red spots found on cheeks and around the nose with minimal downtime or risk.

IPL Treatment Is Safe And Cost Effective

IPL treatments provide a safe, cost effective solution for those suffering from broken capillaries. Very effective with minimal pain and discomfort.

How IPL Works

The blood /redness in the capillaries act as a magnet and draws the light heat and energy to the area.

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broken capillaries

By heating the capillaries wall, the very small capillaries will disappear instantly the thicker or more stubborn capillaries will take up to 5 days to disperse on the surface or find another path back into the bloodstream.

Improvements can be seen within a week or two of the initial IPL treatment. Maximum benefits however, are achieved in four to six treatments spaced two to three weeks apart is recommended.

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